Workshops & Presentations

J. R. Mazor & Associates, P.A. has a long, proud history of helping to educate real property professionals about many of the practical, real-world legal challenges that may confront them. We do this in two ways: (1) workshops, seminars and other presentations, and (2) articles and alerts published in professional journals, and in our Client Bulletins.

We are happy to conduct both public and private workshops to provide personalized training to client firms and the professional organizations that we support. The groups represent (in no particular order) commercial and residential realtors, building security specialists, attorneys and the owners, brokers and managers of industrial, office, retail and multifamily properties. When feasible, we limit the private workshops to the personnel of one firm at a time so that both the attendees and our attorneys can speak candidly.

Some of the professional organizations who have asked us to conduct such learning sessions are:

  • The Associations of Realtors (for Dade and Broward Counties)
  • The American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS)
  • The Building Owners and Managers Association (National, Miami and Atlanta) (BOMA)
  • The Commercial Industrial Association of South Florida (CIASF)
  • The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
  • The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
  • The National Association of Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP)
  • The Southeast Florida Apartment Association (SEFAA)
  • The Florida Bar

The following are some of the workshops, seminars and other presentations we have done for particular real property professional organizations.

  • Apartment Building Investment -- Miami Society of Commercial Realtors.
  • Protect That Commission & New Agency Laws -- Society of Commercial Realtors of Greater Fort Lauderdale.
Casualty Loss
  • Are Our Office Buildings Safe? -- Mr. Mazor, joined by representatives of the FBI, the US Terrorist Task Force, the GSA, FEMA, and the Port Authority of NY and NJ in a panel discussion presented by BOMA at its National Convention in Denver, CO.
  • Hurricanes and Earthquakes Notwithstanding -- Getting a New Lease on Life -- Development, NAIOPs national journal.
  • Legal Planning and Protection for Catastrophic Loss on Income-Producing Property -- Broward County Emergency Management.
Disabilities Law
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -- Miami Society of Commercial Realtors.
  • Disabilities Law & Residential Rental Property -- The Southeast Florida Apartment Association Annual Trade Show.
  • Landlord/Tenant Law: See It From a Judge's Perspective -- Dade County Rental Property Education Seminar Series.
  • Tools, Tools, Tools: How to Be a Lien, Mean Fighting Machine -- Institute of Real Estate Management (Miami Chapter).
  • The Stormwater Utility: Impact and Responses -- Greater Miami Apartment Association.
Landlord Liability; Crime
  • Controlling Commercial Liability: the effect of crime on property values, landlord responsibilities, legal theories and leasing and management practices that can limit liability. -- An article in the Journal of Property Management, the Institute of Real Estate Management's national journal.
  • Crime and The Real Property Professional -- Miami Society of Commercial Realtors.
  • Landlord Liability for Crime. Seminars on owner and manager liability for personal injury and property damage caused by third party criminals. -- BOMA Atlanta.
  • Office Building Crime-Managers Under Attack. A workshop on the legal and financial risks posed by crime in and around office projects. -- ICSC Convention, Las Vegas.
  • Spotlight on Security For Real Estate Manager -- Contributing author to this book published by the Institute of Real Estate Management.
  • The Effect of Crime on Real Property Value -- The Appraisal Institute Educational Seminar, Ft. Lauderdale.
Landlord Liability; Premises
  • Premises Liability in Multi-Family Housing -- Broward Palm Beach Apt Association.
  • Protecting The Landlord From Risks To Tenants -- A Legal Perspective. Workshop on landlord liability for crime, and what leasing and management professionals can do to minimize risk. -- Presented at the American Society of Industrial Security at its National Convention, Las Vegas.
Leasing & Management
  • Essentials of Property Management for Real Estate Professionals -- The North Broward Association of Realtors.
  • Florida Leasing and Management Law -- Practical aspects of Florida landlord/tenant law, emphasizing the tenant's perspective.
  • Hot Topics in Commercial Leasing and Management -- Miami Commercial Society of Realtors.
  • Practical Legal Aspects of Commercial Properties -- Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Miami (BOMA).
  • Residential Landlord Tenant Law -- Southeast Florida Apartment Association Trade Show.
  • Retail Expert Broker Forum -- Miami Commercial Society of Realtors.
  • Submetering: An Opportunity for Gain and a Risk For Loss -- Horsh Seminars.
  • Tenant Workouts. A workshop on how workouts can be used to salvage a tenant, recover monies owed, and protect the landlord against further tenant default and legal expense -- The International Council of Shopping Centers, National Spring Convention, Las Vegas.